by The Scarecrow

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The third triangular release by The Scarecrow, with '90s warmth and modern kicks.


released November 30, 2016

All songs written, produced, performed, and so on, and album art by D. Trainor-McKinnon. Special thanks goes to V. Trainor and D. McKinnon for support; and Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and last but not least, Toto, for drum machines.

All content of this release © 2016 The Scarecrow, all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Daniel Trainor-Mckinnon Halifax, Nova Scotia

Daniel Trainor-Mckinnon is a shoegazer from Halifax, NS.

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Track Name: Home to Hide
heartbreak come and wind me down
spoken words in these I've found
never wander from the truth
I know it's what I meant to you

always slurring what it is
the fancy way of saying sit
with all the feelings lost inside
everyone is home to hide

(© 2016 D. Trainor-McKinnon, all rights reserved.)
Track Name: Dumy
you have your blinders on
you have your thought control
you are the one I know
you are the one I know

and are you comfortable with all the turns you take for me?
and I know you will be there with a blank stare
thought of mind
stream of want
I don't know what I want
thought of mind
stream of what
I don't know what I want

is there a dummy in the way?
is there a thought to call your own?
is there a dummy in your place?
they call me many names
but I know
I'm your thoughts
you never thought
you never thought

(© 2016 D. Trainor-McKinnon, all rights reserved.)
Track Name: Clouds (Something's Happening)
did you know the ending came first?
did you know that everything's insane if you believe it is?
you move through days like you are running off your guard
of every transaction changing your actions
try and think well you might not see it you see it again
do you?

I can see you now
wherever you go
you know I can't resist
the chance of a lifetime
I will be what you want me to
I can see your mind wherever you want to be

face it all you really want
is to be the same as everyone else
'cause you never mattered anyway
in your own head you were just the same as everyone
it's over if you want it
yes it's over
something's happening
it's over
nothing's happening
something's happening
it's over

(© 2016 D. Trainor-McKinnon, all rights reserved.)